Can Infrared Saunas Help You Detox Your Body?

Sweating is good. All those who do a lot of cardio and exercises know that unless you start sweating, you?re not losing weight. Sweating is the fastest, most natural way to lose weight and heal your body from the inside out ? but since not everyone likes or wants to spend most of their day exercising, they take the easy way out: going to the sauna.

And who wouldn?t like sitting and relaxing while detoxifying? Still, with today?s technology, we no longer work only with the usual steam. People want even more detoxifying properties ? which is why we went from classic sauna to infrared sauna.

The Theory of Infrared Sauna

Here?s the thing: traditional saunas use the air surrounding us to make us sweat. These sauna rooms will bring the temperature up at around 200 degrees Fahrenheit so that we could reap the cardiovascular benefits.

Infrared saunas, on the other hand, will heat up your body from within ? therefore having the ability to operate at a lower temperature. And considering that a 154 degrees Fahrenheit temperature will bring basically the same benefits as the higher traditional one, the infrared option is the most comfortable option.

Basically, the claim is that infrared saunas will penetrate the light more deeply, leading to more sweating ? and ultimately leading to more detoxifying properties. It works on a cellular level, pulling the toxins from deep within your fat cells while still keeping your body fairly cool.

Plus, depending on the sauna spectrum that you use, you may reap the following benefits:

  • Far Infrared: detoxification, lowered blood pressure, relaxation
  • Mid infrared: improved circulation, pain relief, weight loss
  • Near Infrared: wound healing, immunity, anti-aging, tissue oxygenation

Depending on what your purpose is, you may choose either of the above spectrums. Here is a good resource on infrared detox, with infrared sauna reviews.

How Does It Really Work?

While the temperature for both sauna methods is different, you will still sweat ? only the sweat will be different according to each method. For instance, since infrared goes farther on a cellular level, your sweat will contain around 20% toxins. On the other hand, since traditional heating systems work mostly with the interior, you will only eliminate 3% of your toxins through your sweat.

Now, this also depends on your body as well as the thickness of your skin. Many people came with claims that a sauna detoxification made their skin smoother, with less cellulite, and basically feeling a lot better. Still, they also claimed to be more energetic than they were before.

On the other hand, other people claimed that they saw no difference from a traditional sauna. As long as your kidneys worked properly, you should feel the effects.

The Bottom Line

Infrared sauna is still somewhere at the beginning of its research, so we don?t exactly know what to expect from it. However, it shows promise, and it may be a more comfortable way to sitting in a heated room, sweating uncomfortably.

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