Can Exercise be Used to Treat Diseases?

Nowadays, most of us know that following a consistent exercise routine can significantly lower our chances of getting sick, but can exercise routines actually be used to treat diseases and conditions that are already there? As it turns out, patients suffering from certain conditions can really benefit from adequate and appropriate exercise and in some cases, they can be even more effective than medicine. Take a look at the following examples to understand more about how this works.


Exercising may seem like a painful and impossible task for those with severe osteoarthritis symptoms, but the right exercise can help you to relive that same pain and become stronger. Resistance training strengthens bones and joints. Additionally, stronger muscles around a painful joint take some of the stress away from that joint. Additionally, regular exercise keeps your cartilages from becoming atrophied. Alongside weight-training, swimming and power-walking are also great options.

Erectile Dysfunction or Low Libido

Sexual problems can originate from a number of reasons such as stress, tiredness, insomnia, depression, poor blood circulation, etc. As long as the reason is not something acute like an underlying severe medical condition, exercise can help immensely and most doctors advise their patients who exhibit sexual problems to start exercising. This is particularly helpful as we get older, since our sex drive naturally keeps coming down significantly after 30.


Asthma is often triggered by exercise, so most people and even some ?experts? will advise you to stay away from physical strain, but just like many other clich?s about exercise, this one?s not exactly correct either. While asthma can initially be triggered by exercise, if you start slowly and then gradually build up to it, you might not even need an inhaler as often as you do now. Keep in mind though that exposure to dust and other allergens can still trigger an asthma attack even when you have adjusted your body to your exercise routine, but that?s not physical strain which is giving you an asthma attack anymore. In fact, there have been multiple cases where people have successfully eliminated asthma from their lives almost completely through a combination of cardiovascular training and weight-training.


ADHD or attention deficient hyperactivity disorder is a condition that makes life very hard for children and even some adults. While nothing can really cure ADHD, there are ways to control its symptoms effectively and regular exercise is one of the most prominent and effective ones.

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