Why Photo Book is Better than the Traditional Photo Album

The conventional photo album has photographs inserted into plastic sheets that often gather dust. It also requires careful handling due to its bulkiness. Despite taking care of photo albums, you will still notice signs of discoloration on the pictures after many years. A photo book is a perfect remedy to all the problems posed by the traditional photo album.

Photo books are books in which photographs make a considerable contribution to the overall content. A photo book can be used as a coffee table book. Photo books have a distinctive quality that makes them more long-lasting compared to the traditional photo albums.

You can make a photo book from pre-made templates offered by photo book sites such as Mixbook.com. Mixbook.com provides a wide variety of templates that you can choose when creating a photo book. It is easy to use and delivers your photo book the following day after uploading the pictures.

Let us see the benefits of a photo book when compared to the traditional photo album:

1. It requires low maintenance 

Unlike the conventional photo album, photo book requires low maintenance and care. They are made of high quality material that needs minimal care from time to time. The traditional album has to be kept away from dust and cared to prevent the plastic sheets from getting torn or coming off.

2. It is made with water-resistant material

The photo paper used to make photo book are glossy, making them water-resistant. This increases the longevity of the photo book. It can easily handle spills of coffee and tea from time to time without any photograph getting damaged. The traditional photo album pictures are not resistant to water and therefore can get damaged when they encounter spills from coffee and other fluids.

3. You design it online with a wide variety of templates

Photo books are created online from pre-made templates. You choose the template of your choice from a wide range available at Mixbook.com. You design the photo book page after page without reducing the quality of your pictures. The traditional photo albums are made physically. The types of photo albums available are few and may not be of your choice.

4. It is flexible and dynamic

Photobooks can be manipulated to meet your standards as compared to traditional albums. You can make changes in terms of sizes and layouts quickly at a low price in case reproduction is required. The traditional photo albums are not dynamic and flexible because it is difficult to manipulate the designs and sizes to meet your choices.

5. It is affordable

Photo books are easy to make because all you need to do is upload the digital pictures online to the pre-made templates. They are affordable compared to traditional photo albums because you do most of the work in creating a photo book.

Photobooks are a perfect gift for life events such as anniversaries, birthdays and other occasions. They are an excellent way of preserving memories using modern technology and a little creativity.

Mixbook.com provides numerous beautiful photo book designs that you can use. It is convenient and offers step-by-step guidance to create the perfect photo book of your choosing. We deliver your photo book on the following day after uploading your pictures. Our customer service is ready to answer your questions whenever you need assistance. Visit Mixbook.com today to create a beautiful photo book from the numerous pre-made templates!

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