PRP hair restoration Toronto is a SciFifiction come to life. It is a regenerative medicine which is 100% natural as it makes use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections. This technique in cosmetic and restorative medicine is becoming exceedingly popular. If you are looking for a drug-free and surgery-free hair loss solution, then this exactly what you’ve been looking for. The power of healing which exists in our body has been harnessed in order to increase growth and create healing formulas for the body of the patient. This technique is fast, easy and painless.

What makes the treatment so attractive?

PRP is a therapeutic non-surgical option which is suited to both men and women of all ages in order to get thicker, stronger and healthier hair growth that they’ve been dreaming off, without any use of drugs or undergoing any procedure. It is an in-office procedure, which takes about half an hour without any downtime. PRP is used to heal the scalp and to revive the dormant hair follicles. It also helps in increasing the speed of healing after having undergone a hair transplant procedure. PRP, when combined with FUE, brings about faster hair growth, than FUE alone.

What happens in the procedure?

Blood is taken from your arm and then it is put into a centrifuge where it is spun on high speed. This helps to separate the platelets from other blood components, so what remains is a clear-ish serum. This serum consists of plasma which is then drawn into fine syringes, to be injected superficially across the scalp where the thinning has been taking place.

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How does PRP work?

The ongoing studies on the application of PRP hair restoration treatment show that PRP repairs damaged or miniaturized hair follicles and trigger rapid cell production within the hair. The growth factor which is present in the stem cells of PRP can be directly applied to their roots under the surface mean a potent dose of nourishment and rapid, visible results.

Should PRP therapy be paired with a hair transplant?

These platelet-rich injections also help in the stimulation of the production of collagen and angiogenesis, which is the formation of new blood cells that bring oxygen and other nourishments to the root of the hair. When this is applied after undergoing hair transplant, it not only speeds up the recovery process but also helps in the reduction of inflammation. PRP also boosts the follicles out of their resting place and into the anagen or growth phase faster, then the hair transplant procedure alone does. If you are planning to invest in a surgical hair restoration procedure, then you know that every hair follicle is extremely valuable. The addition of PRP hair restoration in combination with the hair transplant can ensure best and better results than hair transplant alone.

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