The different types of shoulder surgeries

Shoulder surgeries

If a person experiences a sports injury or has an additional orthopedic condition in their hands or upper extremities, they are likely to have tried medications, injection therapy or physical treatment to ease the soreness. If these measures have not provided enough relief, you may consider a different alternative like surgical treatment from Dr. Kristopher Downing in La Jolla.

Our Skilled team

Our board-certified orthopedic surgeons have got additional fellowship-trained in specialties such as sports medicine in addition to orthopedic trauma.

Provision of a Precise diagnosis

We use advanced imaging systems to help diagnose accidents and conditions in addition to guiding the experts in the most suitable remedy for you. You can expect an X-ray in addition to mini-fluoroscopy live X-rays, such as a video in our state-of-the-art facilities. Additional imaging such since MRI and COMPUTERTOMOGRAFIE is available.

Surgical expertise

We discover the right surgical procedure for your requirements. We all often perform arthroscopy, a minimally unpleasant procedure, which makes use of small incisions in addition to miniature instruments. For more complex injuries or conditions affecting the top limbs, we may use an open surgical procedure, which uses a sizable incision.

Outpatient procedures

Our orthopedic doctors perform many processes by using an outpatient foundation to help you go home on the very day you receive your treatment. Comprehensive services in your treatment plan, you receive rehabilitation in addition to physical remedy to help you restore quickly and acquire back to the actions you love. Our own surgeons have intensive expertise in minimally invasive and available surgical procedures.

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Shoulder surgery

Our highly skilled orthopedic surgeons specialize in methods to treat just about all types of glenohumeral joint injuries and problems. We have specific experience in managing complex shoulder injuries.

Shoulder procedures offered include:

Make arthroscopy: The cosmetic surgeon uses an arthroscope (thin instrument using a tiny camera) to show off images of typically within the joint. Using miniature instruments, typically the surgeon treats a new variety of make conditions.

Rotator wristband repair: Surgeons reattach shoulder tendons for the top of the humerus utilizing an arthroscopic procedure whenever possible, or open surgery in case necessary.

Labrum restoration: The labrum is actually a ring of the cartilage lining the rim of the glenohumeral joint socket that stabilizes the head of the particular humerus. Tears inside this cartilage are known as labral tears. Cosmetic surgeons repair tears applying arthroscopic techniques to be able to either remove the torn cartilage broken phrases or reattach these people with suture anchors.

Surgery for glenohumeral joint instability: Having recurring shoulder dislocations weakens and loosens glenohumeral joint ligaments, tendons in addition to muscles and could bring about labral shredding, gradual bone damage, and worsening shoulder instability. Surgeons can repair torn or even stretched ligaments and muscles by using a minimally invasive process.

Surgery for rheumatoid arthritis: Surgeons use arthroscopy to help relieve soreness, inflammation, and tightness due to arthritis inside the shoulder combined. The procedure eliminates cartilage fragments in the joint. For a lot more serious arthritis, we recommend shoulder alternative surgery to exchange the typically the worn-out shoulder.

Fracture repair: Regarding fractures of the collarbone (clavicle) or proximal humerus, you may require surgery to reposition and connect the particular items of bone regarding proper healing. A person may need anchoring screws, rods or additional hardware to hold the bone parts in place.

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