The Business of Health: The Healthcare Marketing Trends Shaping 2020

There are some industries in which marketing campaigns change less than others. For instance, consider HVAC. At the end of the day, HVAC solutions are a common need that all homeowners will always look to set up in their homes. Thus, HVAC marketers tend to rely on tried-and-tested strategies to sell their services.

But now consider healthcare. Because of the various technologies that impact healthcare, the face of healthcare marketing has to continually change with it. That means that if you are in the industry, you have to be making an effort to keep up with all of the marketing trends.

Otherwise, you could easily find yourself losing ground to your worst rivals.

Fortunately for you, we’re here to help. It’s our mission to help you stop that unfortunate scenario from becoming a reality. In this article, we’ll introduce you to a few of the top healthcare marketing trends that are taking the world by storm in 2020.

Content Marketing That Goes Above and Beyond Blogs

Back when blogs first started becoming a popular thing, businesses thought that they were the greatest thing since sliced bread. And in many ways, they were.

After all, how else could one interact with and engage massive audiences with a relatively small amount of content publication? Blogs afforded customer-brand interaction at an entirely unprecedented level.

Fast-forward a few years, however, and blogs have lost much of their magic. In an era of ever-decreasing attention spans, the general public simply doesn’t have the time to read through lengthy blog posts anymore.

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Thus, healthcare marketing has to adapt in order for it to still use content marketing in a useful manner. Content marketing has to go above and beyond the average blog. So what do you turn to?

The answer is simple: full-fledged content campaigns that incorporate far more content mediums than just text-based blogs. That’s right: infographics, video content, social media marketing, and much more.

Visual content is a big one in these times. With ever-increasing widespread access to fast Internet connections, more and more people are able to download and view visual content on their devices. And text-based blog posts are often a lousy substitute when you can experience something through video.

Zero-Click Search and Location-Based SEO

In recent years, Google has made a few very significant changes to its search engine. These changes are aimed at increasing the user-friendliness of the tool. User-friendliness and user convenience can be thought of as one and the same.

Convenience is now at an all-time high with search queries: we can get the answers we’re looking for with tiny little content snippets that are displayed above the search results. The natural consequence of this is that folks are clicking on search results further down the page less than ever before.

For you to capitalize on this trend, it’s crucial that Google selects your listing to be the content snippet displayed when the engine employs its zero-click search function. Otherwise, chances are that your clicks will drop like a rock.

Location-based SEO should work in tandem with this increased reliance on snippets. If potential clients are searching for healthcare services in their location, there’s no excuse for your brand’s website not figuring in the location snippets that Google pulls up.

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Online Reputation Management

As customers begin to rely on technology more and more, they have become better at researching brands. Especially in an industry like healthcare, customers want to be sure that they are getting service from the best of the best.

Online reputation management, then, is now more important than ever. You have to ensure that your healthcare brand’s medical staff have a plethora of positive reviews on the Internet.

Encourage your patients to post reports of their experiences with your company. Make it easy for them to do so by sending links straight to their emails.

Negative reviews will inevitably pop up. When this happens, you have to act fast to mitigate the effects.

Reach out to the reviewer to find out what went wrong with their experience. Then, make it right, publicly. Not only will this help your brand’s reputation, but it will also help you gain invaluable feedback about how to improve your company’s operations.

Mobile Solutions

Another important thought is that more and more people are using their mobile devices to access the Internet. Laptops are all but an afterthought in an age when smartphones have processors almost as powerful as desktop computers.

Thus, all of your marketing material needs to be mobile-optimized. That includes your website, your video content, your social media posts, etc.

If you want more medical leads, then you have to leverage mobile solutions.

Healthcare Marketing Services

This trend is particularly prevalent among smaller healthcare brands. These organizations may not have the resources to hire dedicated staff to focus on bringing in more medical leads. What’s more, the medical staff that are employed certainly don’t have the time in their busy schedule to add lead generation to their responsibilities.

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The solution, then, is to hire a healthcare marketing service like Zeller Media. Such a company will be able to implement all of these healthcare marketing and advertising trends that get you patients. And at the end of the day, you’ll be looking at a positive return on your investment.

Just make sure to choose the right marketing service. It’s a crowded market, so only go with a company that has experience in the healthcare industry. In addition, you should be able to do some research yourself to see whether or not the brand commands a positive reputation among medical organizations in your area.

How Will You Leverage These Healthcare Marketing Trends?

There you have it — now that you know all of these healthcare marketing trends, all that remains is for you to implement them in your marketing campaigns.

If you’re looking for more healthcare business advice, then you’re in the right place! Be sure to take some time to browse through and check out the rest of the articles on the website!

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