Should I Go to A Med Spa Alpharetta?

Med spas has indeed become a fixture for both health and beauty in the last few years that has attracted the attention of both women, and becoming of. Med spa Alpharetta, which is also often times called medi-spas or just simply med spas, are maybe best defined as the fusion of the traditional spa that we are all more familiar with and the more scientific approach of a medical clinic.

Med spas makes an effort to merge the best qualities of both worlds—a delightful spa indulgence and add to that all the medical excellence that you can get from the doctor’s office. The goal of med spas is not only to improve your skin but to give you a relaxing time as well.

So should you go to a med spa? In this article we will answer all the questions that you may have regarding med spas.

Med Spa Alpharetta and Traditional Day Spas – How do they differ

Perhaps the most obvious difference when comparing a traditional day spa to a med spa are the kinds of services that they offer. Generally speaking, medical procedures can only be done in med spas which cannot be performed by traditional day spas.

Different from traditional day spas, med spas have to be overseen, affiliated with or operated by a licensed medical doctor. Not every procedure in med spas will be performed by a medical doctor, however, they will be supervised by one. The doctors in these situations are usually plastic surgeons or dermatologists.

Each med spas will vary widely from each other. The variation depends on the area, the region, and of course, the preferences of the doctor and operators. You may experience med spas that offer the same luxury of the traditional day spa and some may instinctively look like a plain medical clinic. Traditional day spas has customer comfort in focus while med spas have the results of each treatment as the main goal.

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What Treatments Med Spa Alpharetta Offers

As mentioned, med spas will have variations depending on the clinic that you visit. But you can be certain that some spa procedure fixtures will still be there. For instance, acne and hair removal are common enough to be found on most, if not all med spas. Another common treatment that you may often find are procedures to perk up aging skin. Other than those, you can expect each med spa to offer other kinds of skin services that you may purchase.

Similar to the traditional day spa, you can sometimes find treatments meant for luxurious relaxation. These treatments include massages and facials, but, faithful to the medical side of things, it will be much more focused on the health of the customer. You can also avail, in some med spas, treatments such as seaweed wraps and salt glows.

To set itself apart from the traditional day spas, you can find some more specialized kinds of treatments in med spas. Normally, these treatments are only available when you go and visit your dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Some treatments that you can only find in med spas are the more sophisticated and modern treatments like light and laser treatments. Furthermore, injectables like botox which have to be administered by licenced professionals can only be applied here.

As already mentioned, traditional day spa treatments like acne treatment can be availed at med spas too. Among the conditions that can be treated at med spas include reduction of scarring, lightening post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, breakout treatments and improvement of skin appearance and its overall health.

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The Med Spa Alpharetta Personnel

Due to the variety of treatments that med spas offers, there are usually a lot of personnel compared to traditional day spas. Specific treatments require specialization because of the results based approach that med spas normally employs. Physicians will oversee the treatments that are clinical in nature and those that would be part of the medical field. Other functions that are considered to be routine for any kind of spas are handled by the esthetician.

Estheticians, more commonly known as the skin care therapists, will serve as the non medical arm of the more medically leaning med spa personnel. They will handle procedures like body scrubs, massage, facial wraps and so on. Other functions that they perform include treatment that are considered non-invasive. For instance, they may perform microdermabrasion, acne treatment facials, and other superficial chemical peels.

A point of concern for a lot of spa goers nowadays is the accreditation that they hold especially if they are thinking about doing invasive procedures. Though the laws in each area will vary, there is an assurance that each med spa will have a medical personnel that will be on top of every procedure considered clinical. Injectables in particular as well as chemical peels that will penetrate the skin and unto the more sensitive parts of the body will require a supervising physician at the very least. And finally, laser and light treatments should be done directly by the doctors themselves.

Acne Treatment at a Med Spa Alpharetta

Although fairly common, acne has always been a question that still holds no definite answer. This is because acne will widely differ from case to case. The nutrition, genetics, environment and other factors make acne of each individual unique from each other. Because of this, some question if med spas may have the answer for their own acne problems.

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If you are thinking about treating your acne in a med spa then you have to ask yourself a few questions first to make sure that you are going to the right place. First of all, are you open to trying out standard acne medication treatments apart from performing professional procedures. Do you prefer to have your acne treatment being performed in spa-like environments? And, most importantly, are you willing to spend a few dollars more in exchange for the comfort and sophistication of med spas? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then a med spa is perfect for you.

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