How to Naturally Increase Your Testosterone Hormone

The male sex hormone is called the testosterone which females also have small amounts of. In men, the testicular glands are tasked to producing them, while the woman’s ovaries are also capable of generating them. In both sexes, the adrenal glands have the ability to produce the hormone as well. For more information about the hormone and its benefits on the human body look for information in Low T San Diego.

As the male sex hormone, testosterone is directly responsible for the maturity of men. The hormone makes the boy’s voice deeper, increase in muscle mass and the growth of hair in the scalp and other parts of the body.

While the main purpose of the hormone is served during the early days of adulthood, a certain amount has to be maintained in the lifetime of a man. A healthy balance of testosterone in men can prove to be quite beneficial for a man’s general health, lesser health risks, sexual function and a lot more. Furthermore, it has been observed that a man’s physical ability can be hampered by low testosterone levels.

Although it is mainly defined as the male sex hormone, as mentioned earlier, trace amounts of it is also required for female body functions. Interestingly enough, the female body also makes use of the hormone the same way the male body does albeit with less impact. Studies are very conclusive about the value of the hormone for both sexes and how a drop in T levels cause many unwanted conditions.

In this article, we will talk about the ways that you can naturally increase T levels. Failing that, there are therapies that you can try to bring back your T levels to normal.

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Low T San Diego: Tip #1 – Go to the Gym

At the risk of sounding like every other physical guru out there, one of the best ways to be healthy is to have a regular exercise pattern. Plenty of damages caused by our lifestyles can be both prevented, and repaired by exercise. Furthermore, there is also evidence that gym work can also boost your T production.

Studies have concluded that those who exercise have better T levels compared to those who do not. This is especially true among the older respondents to the study. Additionally, obese people have been noted to have gained more benefit in exercise in boosting their T levels compared to those who are already at their ideal weight.

The best types of exercise that you could perform to increase your T levels are those that need exertion of tremendous effort from the body. This includes the lifting of weights in doing strength training. High intensity workouts, such as cross-fit should also do the job. Any exercise should have a positive effect as long as it is done on a regular basis.

Some researchers argue that stimulants such as caffeine and supplements such as creatine can further boost the T levels for people that are already doing exercise. However, medical professionals would always advise against unnatural supplements if it is taken liberally. Such could alter body functions in unexpected manners and may do more harm than good in the long run.

Low T San Diego: Tip #2 – Eat Right

You are what you eat and in the case of raising your T levels, your T level would be directly affected by the kind of nutrition that you are getting. Studies show that the food intake can directly affect T levels. This is why it is vital that you watch out for the food you take in as it might be detrimental to the production of testosterone.

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If you are already experiencing below normal T levels, it might be wise to begin a diet strategy to ensure that your nutrition will not pull you back in your goal. Calorie intake has to be designed for the long term. This means, that the diet has to last you more than a few weeks and, instead, be a part of the lifestyle change you need to do to go back to normal.

The key is moderation in eating. Both starving yourself and overeating has the same adverse effect in restoring your T levels. Most diet fads nowadays advise against the intake of too much carbs. While most diets of this sort like keto, LCIF, and the Atkins diet are indeed effective, they should never be a permanent dietary shift as it can present a whole lot more problems than it solves in the long run.

Aside from carbs, protein and healthy fats can also help you restore your T levels as long as they are not consumed at dangerous amounts. And finally, it is best to go away from unnatural chemicals that could introduce harmful elements into the body. Whole foods might be your best bet if you aim to optimize your diet according to your desire to increase your T levels.

Finally, you can also choose to take in some supplements that would allow your body to further manage its T level production. Vitamin D can be a very good supplement in this regard. As your doctor about other kinds of supplements that you can take.

Low T San Diego: Tip #3 – Do not Stress

With T levels, and with many of life’s endeavors, stress can ruin all the good work that you have done. Cortisol, a hormone that presents itself when the body detects stress is detrimental to the raising of T levels. Cortisol and Testosterone suppress each other in a see-saw like fashion.

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Stress eating, is one of the unwanted outcomes of being stressed. This is one more way how stress can derail your testosterone production. As mentioned previously, the food you eat can directly affect your T levels.

You have to refrain from engaging in activities that are stressful especially if they are repetitive. Rest when you can and try not to overwork yourself. The burn out can trigger further stress which can then slow down testosterone production.

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