Kennesaw, Your Favorite Game May Take You To A Chiropractor!

Basketball is undoubtedly one of the most favorite sports of the people in Kennesaw. Basketball players of Kennesaw or “Kennesaw Owls” as they refer to them have been making the city proud since the 80s. Kennesaw State University has organized basketball tournaments and events since the early era of 1986. Many youngsters and even adults have been seen as a fan of the sport.

NAIA and Kennesaw Basketball

Since the 1985-1986 seasons, the basketball team of the Kennesaw State Owls has participated vigorously in the entire NAIA organized basketball event. Most of them have been successful like the remarkable 145-122 record right in their first game.

Women Owls

Similar to men, women have also been found as a great fan of the sport and are lucky enough to be provided with an equal opportunity to engage them in the sport. Fortunately, the women’s team has been as successful as the Kennesaw basketball guys have been; except for the 2013-14 tournament which was the worst in the history.

Is Basketball a Cause of Spine Injuries?

For most people, an athlete is in no need of a doctor because of their relatively fitter and more active lifestyle that allows them to be less prone to injuries. However, this theory can be terminated and considered wrong as sportsmen and athletes are more vulnerable and prone to having internal rips and tears.

Basketball has not only been able to catch the attention of oodles of young sportsmen in Kennesaw but has also has been able to grab the attention and increase the workload of Kennesaw chiropractors who have been subjected to have an increased number of sportsmen as patients. You must be wondering why?

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According to a survey, 90% sportsmen around the world rely on a chiropractor to not only fix their internal injuries and potential deformities but also to help them boost their performance. In fact, many sports agencies and professional teams have their own chiropractors whose job is to maintain the spinal strength and energy of their players.

A sport like a basketball where your spine can experience immediate hyperextension and hyperflexion, it is recommended that the sportsmen in Kennesaw seek regular medical care and attention from a professional Kennesaw chiropractor. 

Some Common Spinal Injuries Associated with Basketball

·         Sprains

Most of the professional basketball players bank completely on their swiftness to descend the basketball courts and counterfeit their rivals to get an open basket. This entire practice involves the players making sudden twists, turns and spins; also, not to mention the sudden breaks to change direction or to pass the ball.

In simpler words we can say that a basketball player has to do anything to get their team a basket but while abiding by the rules. Even though it does not look harmful or effective in any way, there is a huge possibility to get strains in your neck, shoulders and spine during the match. Kennesaw Owls basketball team has been subjected to several strains and stretches after the game.

How does this happen?

The injury is caused when a player goes beyond their flexibility limits to get them on the top. The severity of a strain is totally dependent on a player’s capacity to stretch, injuring the muscles and tearing apart the ligaments.

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·         Disc Herniation

The vertebral discs in the body act as a jolt armor for the spine. During a dynamic game like basketball, these discs are performing their task more energetically and way more beyond their regular working capacity. During the game, each rotation and movement emphasizes a lot of stress on these discs.

Stressing and overdoing the movements, again and again, can rupture the discs and the alignment of the spine causing a herniated disc. This condition has been categorized as one of the most painful ones but usually, a moderate level of injury does not require surgery.

While a moderate level of injury does require medication and immediate chiropractic care, most players are found often neglecting and considering it a self-healing injury. Well, it is not! Observing potential pain in the shoulders, neck and spine may be a cause of disc herniation and seeking medical attention is quite crucial.

Some of the best chiropractors in Kennesaw offer best services to treat a herniated disc but it are recommended to seek advice and referral to the chiropractor from your general physician.

·         Cervical Spine Fractures

We all know that basketball is one of the paciest and dynamic sports out there. With big boys playing in the court, it is not unusual to witness falls and drastic landings on the ground. This can lead to spinal fractures of different intensities.

A basketball player is quite defenseless in this matter but the good thing is that a minor spinal fracture can be treated without surgery with the help of a chiropractor. Major fractures, however, require immediate emergency care.

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Chiropractic Treatment

A chiropractor will design and designate a treatment specific for the needs of the patient and depending upon the intensity of the injury.

Steps to Treatment:

Some generic steps that a chiropractor specialist would follow are:

  • Take a general overview of the patient’s condition and consider the affected areas.
  • If internal imaging is required, your chiropractor will as you for an X-Ray or CT scan.
  • Devise a drugless approach towards the injury by adjusting and fixing the spinal deformities caused by movements in the game.
  • Develop a rehab program for the patient that focuses on strengthening, mobilizing and stabilizing the spinal injury.
  • Repeat sessions if necessary


The whole point of discussing the injuries faced by basketball players during the game is not to scare the passionate Kennesaw citizens away from their favorite sport but to generate awareness that players who face spinal injuries during a basketball must seek treatment immediately to overcome the loss in health, as well as the game, need to visit a chiropractor in their city who can improvise on the current physical situation and help with any form of spinal injury during a basketball game.

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