How You Can Make Your Mattress Last Longer

The mattress needs cleaning and prevention as well. A little care can make them last longer than expected and can go well for years to come. If you have invested in a good mattress it is quite important to keep it in good condition for years to come. Expect a comfortable sleep for many years by protecting it in a good way. On average, a normal mattress is designed to last for a good 8 to 10 years and with proper care and maintenance, they can last even longer. How is a mattress maintained is generally seen to determine whether it will last for a shorter and longer time? To keep it protected from water spills you can search for the best mattress protector waterproof, so that water cannot harm the foam of your mattress.

Tips to follow

Follow below tips to make your mattress last longer and keep in good shape.

  • Proper support provided to the mattress – There is no need to purchase a foundation along with your new mattress. Providing right support to your mattress will do the job. With proper support, the integrity of the materials will be maintained and they will result in the long life of the mattress. It will be a great idea if you keep checking the support of your mattress every year so that you know that everything is just right.
  • Wash linens regularly – While sleep various things are shed from a human body such as hair, sweat, oils, etc. This may lead to breeding bacteria and other dust organisms that can spoil your mattress over time. Beds should be ideally washed every two weeks as per instructions from the experts. Even if you are using a protector you should keep the linens clean. The protector should also be washed often.
  • The mattress should be rotated regularly – The mattress gets benefited if they are rotated quite often. Some say that the process is not necessary, rotating promoted even shape of the mattress whereas not rotating it may cause depression in some places. Every two months consider rotating the mattress from head to foot.
  • Get separate beds for your pets – It is recommended that you should not let your pet to cuddle on your bed, instead, give them separate beds to play and roam around. Pets walk outside barefoot and even they shed their hair and skin cells. This can ruin your mattress and can deteriorate its quality.
  • Use protector – Most comfortable mattress type have high chances of getting exploited early. Extra care is needed for mattresses that have more layers of foam in them. A good quality mattress protector that is waterproof provides protection against dust, water, debris, etc that can spoil your bed.
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Dunlop vs Talalay mattress will have different protection tips but the basics are the same for mattress of every kind. To make your investment last longer consider keeping your mattress protected by following the best-mentioned practices and enjoy a good night’s sleep at night. Make your mattress last longer by following the tips provided.

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