How did students around the world manage living and studying during lockdown?

The coronavirus pandemic came as a shock to everyone as nobody was prepared for it. Therefore, nobody knows how to handle this situation, even the authorities. Apart from the physical aspect of staying at home all the time, people had no idea how to go on with their lives and work, as well as how to handle it all in terms of mental health. Students are no exception. The majority of colleges and universities switched to online learning, but it created a few problems as well. Some students were unable to deal with the pressure, so they opted for services that can write my essay fast or tried to find a fast essay writer to help them deal with a growing number of assignments. Others tried to structure their lives in lockdown and create a schedule to adhere to. Here are some of the responses from students all over the world on how they managed to continue living their lives, keep up with their studies and try to understand what the future is going to be like.

●       Germany

At first, students in Germany believed that it was not going to get as bad and as widespread as in China. However, they soon realized that it was not going to be the case as the number of infections grew rapidly. Obviously, they got scared. To be able to deal with the fear and uncertainty, they tried to spend more time on learning focused online and distract themselves with watching movies, TV shows and funny videos on the internet. Most of them are not even sure when their lives will return to normal, not to mention the increasing amount of anxiety they are currently experiencing. Not being able to focus properly caused students to look for a fast essay writing service online and to type something like write my essay paper into their Google search bar just to get some help with academic writing. As it turns out, sometimes getting help from a fast essay writer is the most reasonable decision considering the unprecedented situation we currently find ourselves in.

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●       Greece

Students from Greece highlight that one of the most difficult aspects for them was the lack of real-time socialization with their friends and family. People refrain from social interaction in order not to spread the virus or get infected and it takes its toll on mental health. What is more, students have no idea whether life will return to normal anytime soon which causes them additional stress. Speaking about studies, it was a bit hard at first to transition to distance learning. Even though everyone stayed at home, there wasn’t enough time to deal with all assignments on time. If one is not able to write a fast essay, seeking help from experts becomes a suitable option. Some started googling something like write my essay for me for free to see whether there are any experts willing to help them deal with a complex task.

●       USA

The United States of America did not go into full lockdown right away. However, schools and colleges eventually closed. A lot of students say that studying online is not the same. No matter how well-developed the University of Kentucky distance learning program is, it is very different from being in class. A lot of students find it hard to concentrate at home, and to structure their day to have time for everything. That is one of the reasons why some of them either try to come up with some sort of a fast essay or get somebody who can write my essay for me free. Neither of these options are a long-term solution, though. Students struggle because they have no idea how long it is going to last, or whether they will be able to study and live on campus next year. Apart from that, a lot of students require one-on-one help from teachers. While skyping or facetiming is still an option, it is obviously not the same. As everyone else around the world, students just want to have some clarity to be able to figure out what to do next. Unfortunately, no one seems to know how we are going to go on with our lives in the next six months as the situation is very unpredictable.

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●       Sweden

In Sweden, the situation is a bit different as there is no lockdown. Some educational institutions are closed, but not all of them. What is more, the government only recommended schools, universities and workplaces to study/work from home. It was not an order. While the restrictions are a bit more relaxed in Sweden, it does not mean that the citizens and students have not experienced the impact of the pandemic on their lives. They are no longer able to work on projects in large groups, meet up whenever they want to or organize study trips to other regions/countries. What is more, the number of study opportunities and programs has currently decreased which is why students are temporarily not able to research everything they are interested in. This pandemic has hit every single student on the planet, no matter where they are from or where they have chosen to study.

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