Guidelines on growing auto-flowering cannabis

Cannabis comes in various strains. There are two significant ways you can classify marijuana; it can be either auto-flowering or photoperiod. The difference between these two is that photoperiod cannabis does not flower until certain environmental conditions are there while auto-flowering does not require any special climatic conditions.

Auto-flowering plants have different characteristics when it comes to flowering. The plants do not require any signal from the environment to begin budding. Flowering begins soon after germination usually 3-4 weeks later.

Things to note about this breed

The concept of auto-flowering is easy to understand. Breeders found it necessary to come up with a breed of cannabis that does not rely on photoperiods to flower. That, they did by crossbreeding various variations and coming up with this strain that requires little attention.

The auto-flowering cannabis plant we are talking about here got developed from ruderalis. It is a subspecies of cannabis that does not depend on the sun or any other weather conditions to start budding. When coming up with this breed, the breeders had to make a crossbreed of ruderalis which they blend with sativa which gets further bred with Indica.

A crossbreed between these species produces a plant that does not wait for specific time cycles before flowers become visible. Therefore, you could say that this strain does flower automatically. Flowering occurs between 2 to 4 weeks after germination.

Reasons for and against growing this strain of cannabis

If you are stuck on deciding whether to use photoperiod or auto-flowering cannabis seeds, then you should decide after reading this section. We have compiled some advantages of growing these seeds alongside some disadvantages. Read on.

  • You may want to grow cannabis without anyone noticing. Auto-flowering plants are the best for such needs because they are small and no stranger can notice them even when grown in a closet.
  • You do not need to supplement light when it comes to growing this type of cannabis. You can still harvest as much as you wish with minimal light supply.
  • You should go for auto-flowering plants such as bubba kush autoflower if you need cannabis that flowers quickly. As mentioned earlier, this strain will do so with any prevailing conditions.
  • This strain completely matures within 3 months. Therefore, you may choose to grow it indoors and tend it to maturity. You can take control of the growth from start to finish.

Although there are various advantages of planting this strain of cannabis plants, there also exist disadvantages to growing them. Here are the reasons why some people go for Indica while others opt for sativa variations.

  • The small size of this special strain of cannabis was advantageous in our previous statement, but still, it is a disadvantage. Also, these plants do not produce as much yield as you may desire because of their natural size.
  • Also, it may be quite tricky to make the best use of the available space. Training auto-flowering plants to sufficiently use the available space is a daunting task.

Even with these disadvantages, auto-flowering plants remain quite popular. There have been several changes since the first crossbreed, such as an increase in variety. That means you have several types to choose from making them an excellent choice for people that are curious to try new strains.

Steps to follow when growing this cannabis strain

You need to prepare well when planting this kind of cannabis strains. Even with minimal preparation, these plants can still grow and produce the yield you desire. But let us look at some of the sure steps in succeeding with your auto-flowering garden.

  • Train your plants

Training the plants is an essential step that you will need to go through carefully. The first step to training your plants is topping them. It is necessary to ensure an even canopy for your plants. Also, you can try to bend your plants to prevent upward growth as a way of training them. Avoid topping them when they begin flowering.

  • Provide the correct climatic conditions

You should provide your plants with the best climatic conditions. Remember, auto-flowering plants will grow no matter what season it is. Therefore, you can try growing them in a greenhouse to control the conditions. Otherwise, the buds may rot if there is too much rain.

  • Avoid heavy feeding

Remember, this strain has a very short vegetative stage like most other strains. That means, there is no urge to feed it heavily. Besides, the plants are smaller than other breeds, and that means they require fewer nutrients consequently less feeding.

  • Make quick harvests

Due to the short growing periods, you may realize that auto-flowering plants may or may not form a canopy. That makes it difficult to harvest them, especially for lower buds. Therefore, you may need to harvest them regularly and allow the lower buds to grow for easy harvesting.

  • Ensure you have crops ready every time

When planting this strain, you need to ensure you have continued production of cannabis. Therefore, you should have growing plants at different stages. For example, you can have some that are still in the vegetative stage while others are ready for harvest. That means your greenhouse will be continually producing.


If you are looking to try out a new species of cannabis, then auto-flowering plants are the best strain to try out. However, most people find it challenging to get the seeds.

Well, you may try checking on both land-based and online seed banks. However, you should understand all the legal restrictions before buying. Mostly, you will find a lot of restrictions on online buying.

Alternatively, you can purchase them from a local store. Remember, tracking down a store that sells cannabis seeds can be a daunting task. The ease with which you find a store depends on your location.

Choosing the strain of cannabis to grow can also be a challenge. However, if you have already decided on auto -flowering, then growing it should not be a challenge. With all the insights in this article, it is time that you try growing this cannabis breed.

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