Good health starts at home – tips and hacks for a healthier life

Good health should be a constant priority in your life. The foods you choose to eat on the daily, how active you are, occasional wellness treatments – there are a lot of things you can do to ensure your well-being. However, what many people often neglect is how healthy their homes are.

Considering how much time you actually spend at home, your household environment should benefit from healthy characteristics. Have you ever considered how your home could be affecting your well-being and health in general? Some frequently overlooked aspects might be currently preventing you from keeping your wellness in check. If you want to make a few positive changes in this department, it’s time to look into some tips and hacks. Good health starts right at home with the following things:

Get an air purifiers

If you’d opt for a professional air quality inspection, the results discovered might actually scare you. Air quality can easily be affected by a variety of factors. You could be living in a polluted area of the city, or you’re not ventilating your household correctly, the triggers are different for each house, but one fact remains the same – for optimal health you should be breathing fresh air.

So what can you exactly do here? How can to improve air quality?

The easiest and fastest possibility you have is simply getting an air purifier. A state-of-the-art gadget can work wonderfully well here. While there might still be particles that are too small to be filtered out, health risks will certainly be reduced. From small respiratory problems to asthma, inhaling polluted air can subject you to unpleasant issues, so getting an air purifier is a smart way to mitigate those concerns.

Install a water filtration system

Most tap water in the average household is chlorinated. While this might seem like a good thing, considering chlorine kills germs, when it comes to your own personal well-being, there are certain health concerns involved. Being a toxic gas, it can irritate the respiratory system, and it has been often linked to the development of serious health problems, such as bladder cancer.

Eliminating chlorine is, however, possible, as long as you install a filter. A chlorine filtration system will give you peace of mind that you can safely drink tap water without worrying about any contaminants. The right system can have the capacity of treating all water in your house through an effective cleaning process. With this addition, you can be certain is chlorine-free, and parasites, viruses and bacteria are also eliminated.

Enhance lighting

Natural light can have a positive effect on your mood, and is also said to regulate biological rhythms. What does that mean? That it’s time to give up on those black-out curtains that might determine you to oversleep in the morning, and create a more pleasant ambiance in your home overall, letting sunshine in. If letting natural light inside is not an option, due to the positioning of your house, you can rely on artificial light as well. A minimum of 1,000 lux should be your target here. Implement a system that allows you to reach that lighting level.

Repaint your walls

Various studies have linked wall color to mood swings, sleep and eating habits. Red, for example, is said to function as an arousal color, raising blood pressure and stimulating senses. It can also have an effect on how fast you eat, making you finish your meals quicker, so it’s certainly not the right shade for the kitchen walls. Baby blue, on the other hand, has a soothing, calming effect, slowing down breathing and heart rate. Do a bit more research on the topic, find the colors that would work better in your favor, and consider repainting your walls.

Bring a bit of nature in

Plants can freshen your air, adding to the capabilities of the air-purifier mentioned above. By having enough plants in your house, you might also remove certain harmful toxins. However, a bit of green in the house can do so much more than that. Bringing nature indoors will also establish a sense of calmness and tranquility. You will soon find yourself more relaxed when you are lounging at home, by simply being surrounded by natural elements.

Throw out all chemical-based cleaning products

You might have become used to cleaning the house with products found in supermarkets, which are usually filled with all sorts of chemicals. These products are not only harmful to the environment, but will affect your own personal health as well. Throw away all chemicals you were usually using to sanitize the place, and switch to all-natural alternatives. You can find some great eco-friendly versions available on the market, which provide the same cleaning effects, or you can use items you already have around, such as lemon or baking soda.

Turn down the heating

During colder days, you might be tempted to use your heating system to high capacity. Well, while a higher temperature might feel comfortable at first, it could actually be bad for your health.  The temperature in your bedroom, in particular, should be somewhere around 65 degrees for a proper good night’s sleep. If you are too hot at night, this can affect your sleep cycle, and that could be the reason why you’re waking up feeling unrested every morning. Try to lower your indoor temperature a bit, even if it might seem difficult at first, it can actually be good for you.

Living a healthy lifestyle means paying more attention to your household as well. Some wellness issues can arise at home, without you even realizing it, that’s why you should assess a few important aspects, and pursue some recommended adjustments. The tips found here will make a good starting point. From ensuring proper air quality by getting an air purifier to getting rid of chlorine with a water filtration system, each one of these suggestions will contribute to the general health levels of your family, helping you maintain your home a safe place to live.

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