8 Benefits of Shockwave Therapy

The first time you hear the term shockwave therapy machine, it might sound a little bit scary. After all, a shockwave machine is harnessing the power of earthquakes and explosions to apply high-intensity pressure waves to a person’s body.

In reality, however, a shockwave therapy machine can be an incredibly effective tool to treat numerous health conditions, all with less risks and invasiveness compared to many conventional treatments.

Although Swiss Dolorclast, the gold standard for shockwave machines within the medical field offers various treatment options, such as radial and focused Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT), all shockwave treatments are very straightforward.

For most patients, much-needed pain relief is as easy and identifying and marking areas of pain, applying gel, and administering the shockwave treatment.

Here are eight additional benefits patients can receive with the help of Swiss Dolorclast treatment:

1. Pain Relief

Millions of people around the world are unjustly suffering from pain caused by injuries, diseases and other factors. In some cases, the pain might be so severe that it interferes with daily life or leaves an individual dependent on others for support.

Swiss Dolorclast shockwave therapy machines are clinically-proven to reduce pain felt by nerve fibers and increase blood circulation surrounding soft tissues. These effects can provide much-needed relief for pain patients.

2. A Medication-Free Option

One of the challenges in treating painful conditions is the fact that many pain relievers are addictive and dangerous. Even patients struggling with severe pain are at risk of addiction, overdose or negative side effects associated with their medications.

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In the midst of a major opioid crisis, Swiss Dolorclast offers a medication-free solution to pain treatment (it should be noted, however, that your doctor might reccommend shockwave therapy and additional medications and treatment).

3. Stem Cell Activation

The third benefit of Swiss Dolorclast shockwave machines is the fact that they can trigger stem cell activation. Stem cells can be a powerful tool to jump-start the healing process for a wide range of injuries and diseases– and they can be found within our own bodies.

4. A Diverse Treatment

When treating patients using a shockwave therapy machine, you might treat someone struggling with overuse and strain, trauma or even rare pain conditions in the span of a single day. Ultimately, shockwave therapy is not designed for one single medical condition. As a versatile treatment option, you can be assured that almost every patient is the right fit for the treatment.

5. Low-Risk

Hearing terms like “high-intensity pressure waves” might leave you feeling apprehensive, but the reality is, when properly administered, Swiss Dolorclast is very safe. Some side effects that may occur include redness of the skin, numbing and soreness.

However, these side effects are often very minor, and almost always subside within 36 hours. Given the fact that many people turn to shockwave machines to address pain, temporary pain for long-term results is worth it.

6. Non-Invasive

In some conditions, doctors might turn to surgical options to address medical conditions causing pain or mobility issues.

However, surgeries come with their own sets of challenges. They often take long periods of time to recover from, and patients might have to miss work or personal events. Surgery is also an expensive option, especially when factoring in the risk of losing wages during the recovery period.

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Many patients are nervous about having surgeries, needles or invasive medical treatments. Shockwave therapy might leave you temporarily sore, but could avoid the need for more drastic treatments.

Although surgery will always be the best option for certain patients, Swiss Dolorclast offers an alternative option for patients who don’t want to go under the knife to evade their pain.

7. An Option For Athletes

Many individuals could benefit from shockwave therapy machine treatment: the elderly, those with painful chronic conditions, and those in professions that require intensive physical labour.

However, many patients who benefit the most from Swiss Dolorclast are athletes. Although these patients to tend to be otherwise healthy and in great shape, they may be facing pain or sports-related injuries that affect their performance and their daily life.

In some cases, an injury can cut an athletic career short. In even worse circumstances, athletes may find their pain follows them off the field or the court, and impacts their everyday lives in negative ways.

Using shockwave therapy, athletes facing sports injuries have the chance to improve their health and their performance, without undergoing invasive treatments that could make it even harder for them to get back into the games they love.

8. Shockwave Therapy Can Be Combined With Other Treatments

As it is a non-invasive treatment that does not involve medications and does not have long-term effects, it can be easily and safely combined with almost any other treatment option.

Depending on your condition and medical history, your doctor might suggest physiotherapy, prescription drugs, surgeries or other medical interventions. Fortunately, with your doctor’s approval, you can also benefit from Swiss Dolorclast shockwave therapy, no matter what your other treatment needs are.

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  1. Wow, I found it really fascinating when you explained that shockwave can be used to reduce the pain being felt by improving the blood circulation in the area that is causing it. A couple of months ago, my wife injured her knee while she was out jogging. The pain she is experiencing still hasn’t gotten much better, so I think it would be a good idea for her to look into getting a shockwave treatment.

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