Best Nicotine Salt flavors out there

Nicotine salt is a relatively new form of vaping liquid that uses a salt-based liquid versus the glycerin forms for others.  While not as versatile as their counterparts, several salt-based flavors have come out.   Here are a few of the best nicotine salt flavors out there on the market today.  Keep in mind that these are opinions and you may find something that tickles your fancy even more.  If you are looking to try some out though, here is where to start.

Best Tobacco – No. 00 Cappuccino Tobacco – Beard Vape Co.

If you enjoy the flavor of tobacco, but not looking for something overpowering, try this wonderful flavor from Beard Vape Co.  This flavor takes a brilliantly robust coffee and mixes it with a smooth burn of fresh tobacco to accent it.  While this may not be the best choice for everyone, Beard Vape Co offers a great line up of tobacco nic salts.  If coffee is not your thing, check out the rest of their line.

Best Dessert – No. 05 NY Cheesecake – Beard Vape Co.

Are you a fan of NY Cheesecake?  How about if it is smothered with fresh strawberries?  Beard Vape Co, for the second time on this list, knocks this classic dessert out of the park.  This beautiful bouquet of flavors starts off with a classic cheesecake flavor on the inhale and finishes with a succulent bite of strawberry with each puff.  NY Cheesecake is hands down the best dessert nic salt liquid out there.

Best Candy – Rainbow Drops – Aqua Salts

Taste the Rainbow, share the… wait a minute… wrong tag line.  Aqua Salts has come out with a fruity blast that mimics the best candy in the market.  That may be subjective to taste, but Rainbow Drops comes in an assorted flavor of the rainbow, including strawberry, grape, orange and lemon.  The only kick is that this one comes with green apple instead of lime so you don’t have to pawn off the green ones.

Best Fruit – Neon Berry – Salty Fog

Cosmic Fog is a huge name in the industry, and their subsidiary Salty Fog delivers the same great quality with each puff.  Neon berry is a perfect blend of farm fresh raspberries, strawberries and the right amount of Florida Oranges.  This mix is the best fruit pick because of the great combo and the subtle hints of flavor that make it a great vaping experience.  While there are others, Neon Berry stands out amongst the greatest nic salt flavors.

Best Cocktail – Pacific Passion – Mad Hatter Juice

If you would like to find yourself on a beach sipping a Mai Tai, but simply can’t get away, this salt is for you.  Mad Hatter has come out with the Pacific Passion that blends fresh coconut, pineapple juice and fresh strawberries into a wonderful flavor.  All it is missing is the shot of rum and the sidecar.  Next time you want a rush of a tropical cocktail, reach for Pacific Passion.

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