Be your own witness ? Taking control of your physical fitness

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In a perfect world, we would all be 150% on top of our physical fitness at all times. In a truly staggering statistic, a quarter of the adult global population is not active enough to keep their bodies at the ideally healthy levels (25%). At minimum, we should be spending around 150 minutes a week engaging in exercise of moderate intensity, or 75 minutes of vigorous physical movement a week to stay active. Realistically, most people chalk down their not meeting this bare minimum goal to being too busy (which, to be fair, makes sense to a degree).

Ultimately, being ?too busy? is just an extravagant excuse. While most people will insist that it comes down to time, these very same people will ? nine times out of ten ? spend up to four hours every night watching television with their families or playing video games. Even an hour of physical activity a day would exceed the bare minimum by a mile, and ultimately lead to an above-average level of physical fitness that will only have positive effects. Even half an hour of exercise is better than nothing, and only takes up a miniscule 2% of your day.

Our health is not just about diet (although maintaining a healthy diet is arguably the best move you can make for your body). Some people spend hours poring over their meals, with some taking supplements like Now Foods to bridge the gaps in their dietary intake. Others spend little to no time investing in either diet or exercise, and the results are often inevitable, obvious, and undeniable. Aside from the physical benefits, taking control and maintaining your physical health can contribute to mental strength and stability as well. It is not at all uncommon for individuals to use exercise as a form of personal therapy.

Additionally, working out ? whether it be cardio, weight lifting, sports, or outdoor activities such as hiking or running ? is great for your skin. As we sweat, our bodies literally leak out the toxins, leaving us with healthier, more glowing complexions. Working out gives you more energy and increases brain power, essentially allowing you to function at your peak in all aspects (not just physically). If diet is the fuel that keeps the body pumping, then exercise is the juice that makes it excel well beyond expectations. Taking control of your physical fitness can seem like a mission when you first begin, especially when something as seemingly simple as running a 5 K feels impossible the first time you attempt it.

However, as you keep up momentum, as you keep pushing, and as you withhold a pattern, you will be surprised how quickly your body adapts to the physical activity, and how quickly you begin to crave the endorphin rush. The best part is that physical activity leaves you not only feeling healthier than ever, but looking healthier than ever, ultimately allowing you to operate at your best on all levels and in all aspects, making you a stronger, more capable thinker, worker, and loved one. Physical exercise truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

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