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Nowadays snoring is very common usually to adults. In some people, it reaches the level and become chronic which makes themselves or anyone else away from sleeping. But it is treatable. Best solution is to consider an anti-snoring mouthpiece. These devices are proved to be quite effective for many people.

An anti-snoring device; SnoreRX is mandibular adjustment device (MAD). It is quite reasonable in cost, acquires long life. It would be a good solution for the ones who snore a lot. We have reviewed this device in brief. You can get proper SnoreRx review at snore nation.

What is SnoreRx and How Does It Work?

The SnoreRx is an anti-snoring device of MAD. It forces the jaw to forward position and cleans your airway. It is able to get adjusted in small increments. In this way, it can force your mandible for keeping the throat unhindered but not much enough to cause you any discomfort.

It is different from other MADs in the market due to its advanced customization feature and durability in nature. Definitely, if you buy for anything you want that to last longer, it will perform perfectly till the last.

Fitting of SnoreRx:

This anti-snoring device is customizable MADs. It is quite easy and simple to customize it. You can conveniently fit it again and again up to three times over its life. For customizing it set the SnoreRx to 3mm baseline setting. Compress the top and glide the bottom until it gets the arrow point to 3 on each side. Boil the water in a bowl. Immerse the mouthpiece in that boiled water for 90 minutes exact.

Dunk SnoreRx out from the water by tongs or spoon. Now submerge the device to another bowl with normal temperature water for three seconds. Bite the device and hold it for approximately 30 seconds. Lastly, immerse that again into room temperature water for just one minute. Your device is ready to use. It is a quite easy and simple method to customize it. It will not cause you any trouble.

Pros and Cons of SnoreRx:

The plus points and minus points mentioned below are based on the reviews of different users.


  • Versatile with increments and advanced customization in the home.
  • Approved by FDA.
  • Its life is more durable in contrast with other MADs anti-snores.
  • Perfect flow of air for ease in breathing.
  • It let the movement of the lateral jaw.


  • It will not be accessible with ill-fitting crowns, bridge, or dentures.
  • You will not be able to close your mouth while having this mouthpiece in your mouth.
  • Some users claim that it gets spit out from mouth during sleep.
  • The excessive dropping of saliva and jaw soreness will occur.
  • Some users feel it big in their mouth.


It is the best anti-snoring device. At an initial level of usage, it will cause you a bit irritation, but after some time all these irritations will get eliminate. You will feel much effective by using this snoring device.

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