Alternative Therapies You Should Consider for Postoperative Treatment Ease

Surgery could potentially expose us to a lot of radioactivity, anesthetic, narcotics, and other toxins that may take their time in leaving our body. The recovery progress can hence be even more of a pain than the procedure itself.

Had enough of invasion? You may want to heal the wound and get on with your life as fast as possible.

Take it easy, though! Taking painkillers or any other drugs could put your body at even more risk. A natural and alternative method may be much more effective and long-lasting.

If you?re confused about how to start, keep on reading!

  1. Cleansing It Out

Don?t subject your body to harsh substances or hard-to-digest foods. Stick to organic fruits and veggies, or even juice them up for a few days after your operation. Fill yourself up with whole grains, legume, and cleansing herbs like milk thistle.

  1. No Deprivation

This is hardly the time to go on a strict diet. Don?t even think about going hungry. Instead, nourish yourself with healing foods. Remember, the better you eat after surgery, the better your healing would be. Keep it light but robust enough to give you strength.

Go for vegetable broths, fresh juice, and all-natural meals. Shun those jellies and processed soup packets, by all means. If you?re not hungry, try to stimulate your appetite by taking lemon balm tea. This will also help you sleep better, which is highly conducive to healing.

  1. Aromatherapy

There are several studies showing the healing powers of aromatherapy. This will also be easy on your pocket, since all you need are some soothing essential oils like peppermint, cardamom, spearmint, ginger, etc. These may also help you avoid drugs.

Here?s a little tip: try for ginger more than the other options. The research showed more effectiveness in this aroma than any other. Natural ginger is also great when you sip it as a tea. It could directly help with nasty nausea that could rear its head after your surgery. Plus, you can always try other herbal remedies to heal quickly.

  1. Supplements

There are several supplements on the market that can get your immune system up to speed. This will make the healing process much faster.

At the top of this list is Vitamin C. Taking more of this will enhance the formation of white blood cells, which you need to have fighting on your side. Since anesthesia could greatly reduce our T-cells where we go to a foot doctor Passaic NJ or, we need all kinds of support after surgery.

Also, seek out Vitamin A and beta-carotene. These are different versions of the same element, but both are powerful antioxidants. You can greatly enhance your immune cell function by regularly taking a proper dose of these.

Antibiotics can prevent this vitamin from being absorbed by our bodies. Since you?d also be taking antibiotics after surgery, get more Vitamin A than usual. If your doctor doesn?t recommend such high doses of this vitamin, go for beta-carotene instead. This won?t harm you even when taken in large amounts.

  1. Dextrose Solution

While not recommended for right after surgery, getting an IV of a simple dextrose solution could lessen the need for antiemetic medicine. It has also proven helpful in doing away with postoperative nausea that troubles so many people. You may find yourself out of the recovery room well before the usual time by making use of this solution.

One great perk of getting this fluid in you is that there are virtually no side effects. However, those who have diabetes or insulin resistance may want to consider the risks before asking for this alternative treatment.

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