A Break from Digital Devices for Health Benefits

negative impacts of the digital age

There is not a doubt that technology has become a central part of our personal and professional lives making it impossible to live without its life-changing impacts. Today, more and more people have a digital device that acts as an extension of their lives as we have become hooked to modern technology. How could we avoid it yet in the digital age everything is online right from 4D movies and the latest songs to exciting social media pages and e-shopping. The question as such is not whether we need technology but to what extent does it become too much?

Technology addiction is the new drug that the world has become a victim of, and it affects millions of people who are not even aware of it. It is very easy not to take note of the addiction as the constant simulation of having a smartphone at hand blinds one from the awareness of its adverse impacts. The simplest way to know if you have a problem with the use of digital devices is if you have to spend hours on end each day on e-devices. Latest studies on human behavior and statistics are shocking as it shows that we spend on average more time on computers and phones than sleeping which is a big health risk.

Progressively the growth of the internet has caused one major stumbling block which is hindering direct human interactions. A large percentage of the average teen lacks in what scientists and researchers define as good social skills as their lives revolve around laptops and smartphones. It is not just teens who have been affected, but adults have not been left out as they get sucked into the current systems. Despite all the bubbles of unrealism that technology has caused most people to live in, you can easily reconnect with yourself and the people around you through digital detox.

Primarily, digital detoxification involves unplugging the constant and everyday use of digital gadgets and letting your mind to settle and focus on other alternative activities. Just like any other kind of drug detoxification, getting out of the maze has never been easier as most devices only require a click of a button and they are on instantly. Proper planning and the right mindset are essential if you are to overcome the pressures to conform to the ?norm? of current systems.

First things first, electronic devices are sleep deprivers as they suppress the production of melatonin hormone which aids in having a deep and peaceful sleep. The path to recovery should, therefore, begin with a no smartphone or computer rule for at least two hours before bedtime. Getting back to nature is another effective strategy which enables you to switch off devices and head out for any activities that are not technology-dependent. Another well-known step to involve the whole family is to create phone-free spaces that are strictly adhered to by all members after explaining the importance of the process. Ultimately, a life that is free from technology addiction comes by making a personal decision to have a life that is free from the negative impacts of the digital age by sacrificing those hours in front of a screen.

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