7 Easy Tricks To Shrink Your Pores!

Pores play a critical role in protecting our skin. These tiny openings on the surface of the skin allow for a mixture of oils called sebum, dead skin cells, and sweat that forms an important coating. Not only does this coating lubricate the skin keeping it from drying out, it also creates a barrier from harsh wind, viruses, bacteria, and other substances that can be harmful.

Our pores do a great job in keeping skin healthy, but for many people they are a daily struggle. Enlarged pores can become easily clogged leading to unsightly acne and blemishes. Pore size, in part, is determined by our genetics so while there is no “true” way to shrink them for good, luckily these natural pore shrinking techniques can help you minimize their appearance for smoother, more even skin.


Not only does regular exfoliation keep your skin smooth and bright, it can help to make your pores look smaller too. Pores are in constant danger of becoming clogged, so by removing excess dead skin cells, the chances of pore build-up is reduced and pores appear less noticeable.

Take Precaution

LiveStrong?points to sun damage as a major player in making pores look big. Not only can the damaging effects of sun exposure thicken the skin surrounding pores, key substances like collagen and elastin are reduced causing both skin and pores alike to sag and appear larger.

Water, Water, Water

It’s what’s on the inside that counts, and with skincare it’s no different. By making sure the body is hydrated, our skin will follow suit. Drinking water has the power to reduce pore size by aiding in keeping pores clean and increasing the skin’s elasticity. It’s no secret that drinking the right amount of water each day is so important to a healthy lifestyle. This one really is a no-brainer!

Try a Detox
Detox regimes have become a hugely popular way to combat a variety of health problems. Another way to battle enlarged pores from the inside out is to try a short detox program. The internet is bursting with suggestions on ways you can incorporate a detox into your daily life. Sound too hard? Don’t be turned away by the idea of a detox. The idea behind a detox isn’t simply drinking only juice (although there are plenty of those kind of detoxes around). The basic idea of a detox means consuming things the body can easily process, allowing it to focus on ridding itself of excess toxins that can affect the skin. Salads, clear soups, and vegetables can all be a part of an effective detox.

Spritz Away
Simply spraying the face with cold water can temporarily reduce the appearance of pores by closing them, plus, they are much less likely to become clogged. Skincare expert Nichola Joss suggests that this is a super-easy way to get pore size down on the go. Try keeping a small spray-bottle in your handbag to refill with cold water when out and about.

Stick to Low-GI Foods
Another no-brainer to smaller pores and better skin lies in our diet. People with chronic skin problems tend to have lower levels of antioxidants such as vitamins A and E and not surprisingly, increased intake of sugary and processed foods contributes to the appearance of large pores and eventually acne. Reducing the amount of high glycemic index (GI) foods like white breads, rice, pasta in favor of low GI options like lentils and legumes as well as eating more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins A and E will help give you the nutrients needed to make your skin the best.

Choose A Topical
Don’t be overwhelmed by the endless supply of creams and potions promising to deliver results.?This article from skincare expert Suki Kramer?provides excellent guidance for just what natural ingredients you should be looking for when choosing skincare products. For more serious pore-related issues, it may be necessary to visit a dermatologist for prescription strength solutions. If over the counter or at-home solutions have failed to be effective for you, it could be time to pay the doctor a visit.

Healthy skin is vitally important, and not only from a biological perspective- when our skin looks great, we feel great. Don’t let enlarged pores keep you from looking and being the best of you! Start loving your skin with these tricks and in time your pores will become less of a burden. Remember pores are a necessary part of life that never truly go away, but with a little self-care, they don’t have to be the enemy! With a little effort and persistence, pores can be friends instead of foe!

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