6 Ways Alternative Medicine Can Help You Quit Smoking

Over the last couple of decades, governments around the world have become ever stricter on the tobacco industry. Some regulators even require manufacturers to place graphic images on cigarette packets to ensure the risks of smoking are unambiguously communicated to consumers.

Nearly all smokers today irrespective of where in the world they are aware of the dangers of smoking and the need for them to quit. Actually quitting the habit is a tough journey though where one needs all the help they can get.

Whereas most people are familiar with more conventional aids for quitting tobacco addiction such as e liquid, alternative medicine methods are less talked about. Yet they can be just as effective. Here are some alternative medicine techniques for managing smoking addiction.

1.?? Hypnosis

A number of studies have shown hypnosis may be a promising aid for smoking cessation (one such study reported that 2 in 5 people who underwent hypnosis successfully gave up smoking). In a nutshell, hypnosis focuses on urging the smoker to associate smoking with negative mental connections such as a dry mouth or cigarette fumes.

Hypnosis is a broad practice and not every technique will be equally effective. When it comes to smoking addiction, the best known approach is Spiegel?s method. Here, the smoker is asked to focus on three points: that smoking is toxic to their body, that they?d want to live a healthy life, and, due to points 1 and 2, that they owe their body protection and respect.

2.?? Meditation

Religion is what comes to mind when many people think about meditation. Meditation is however not synonymous with religion. Smokers can use meditation to quit the habit with or without a religious component.

Meditation involves relaxation and deep breathing in addition to participants imagining certain pictures or thoughts, repeating mantras or simply focusing on their breathing. Like hypnosis, there are diverse approaches to meditation and one may want to experiment with several variations in order to identify the one that will work best for them.

Meditation?s capability to break smoking addiction may be credited to its ability to reduce stress and calm the mind. Since smokers will experience high stress and anxiety levels the first few days after quitting, meditation can contain the nicotine cravings.

3.?? Massage

Most massages are full-body, hour-long affairs. Yet, when it comes to massage therapy, quality trumps quantity. This principle is particularly useful for smokers given that a University of Miami study showed a two-minute massage had a strong anti-smoking effect.

Of course, there won?t be many places you can get a meaningful professional massage that lasts just two minutes. Rather, the massage referred to here is much simpler and could be a hand or ear massage that one can do themselves. These mini massages derive their rationale from acupuncture where tiny pins can produce great relief.

4.?? Change Your Diet

Certain foods trigger the smoking impulse and others don?t. A study conducted by Duke University asked smokers to identify the foods that most reminded them of the flavor of cigarettes. Seven in ten reported that alcohol, coffee and red meat encouraged lighting up. Five in ten said much healthier foods such as milk, juice, fruits and vegetables had the opposite effect.

So examine your diet and identify what you need to get rid of. The good thing is that the foods that discourage smoking are also those that are good for your health in the long term. It?s a win-win no matter what happens.

5.?? Sugar

Research has shown that glucose tablets, such as those sold to diabetics, can impede nicotine cravings. A similar effect may be achieved with sugary sweets. If you think about it, this isn?t surprising. Consumption of sugar stimulates the release of dopamine, the same feel good organic chemical that the body releases when one smokes a cigarette.

Ergo, sweets and other sugary items can serve as a nicotine substitute whenever the cravings strike. That being said, sugar should only be viewed as a temporary aid along the journey to break free from smoking addiction. Excessive sugar intake has negative health repercussions of its own over the long term.

6.?? Water

Surprising, isn?t it? Yes, that liquid you consume multiple times each day can go a long way in helping you kick your smoking habit. One of the reasons cigarette smoking is so addictive is because repeated lighting up leads to the nicotine permeating every part of your body.

Water is a natural, low cost and highly effective detoxifier. It purges your system better than nearly every other substance. The water counteracts the negative effects of nicotine and speeds up the rejuvenation of poisoned tissue.

As always, alternative medicine is never a one-size-fits-all. Each method will have varying levels of success from person to person. It?s always best to approach it with the full knowledge and advice of your doctor.

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