6 Reasons to Use Cryotherapy Instead of NSAIDs for Pain Relief

Pain relief is often a part of the average American?s daily life. The fact is that 30 million Americans take these medications every single year, with the most common being aspirin and ibuprofen.

It?s true that NSAIDs are effective for pain relief, but they have a lot of negative side effects. We?re going to show you some of the reasons why you should switch to using cryotherapy instead.


  1. They Can Lead to Addiction

?We?ve all heard of the opioid crisis in America. Many NSAIDs are a part of the cocktail of drugs that leave millions of Americans addicted every year. Large doses, even when required, can lead to problems with passing company drug tests.

You may have to start turning to detox programs, such as Stinger Detox, in order to make sure that nothing comes up on the average company drug test.

The last thing you want is to have to worry about what your results are going to show multiple times per year.


  1. We Know Little About NSAIDs

Did you know that doctors don?t actually know how popular medications like Tylenol work?

They know they can be used for pain relief, but research hasn?t yet discovered what they do to the body. If even your doctor isn?t sure about precisely how they work, it?s probably not a good idea to take them.


  1. NSAIDs Come with Side Effects

The big reason why you shouldn?t use NSAIDs, especially on a regular basis, is they come with side effects. These can include stomach pain, bleeding, and even death. Some can cause liver failure and lead to an expensive medical bill at the end of it. And you don?t know if you?ll suffer from these side effects until you take them.


  1. Cryotherapy Doesn?t Come with Side Effects

Cryotherapy has been licensed for use in the medical profession for everything from pain relief to freezing off cancerous cells. In the beginning, cryotherapy is indeed unpleasant.

However, it doesn?t have any of the side effects of using NSAIDs. The only real side effect is the unpleasantness when you initially start using this type of therapy.


  1. Avoid Toxins

There?s a renewed focus on avoiding toxins in the body. NSAIDs, to the extent they?re used today, haven?t been around for that long. We don?t know what the effects of heavy usage is on the body in the decades to come.

Those who suffer from chronic pain are most at risk. Cryotherapy is a type of treatment that doesn?t involve putting anything unnatural in the body.

And cryotherapy is often more effective than the natural alternatives people like to talk about.


Last Word ? Effective and Natural

Cryotherapy is the ideal alternative to NSAIDs because it?s not toxic, has no side effects, and there?s no risk of becoming addicted.

There?s a difficult period in the beginning where you must get used to the sensation of freezing temperatures, but in the long-term it?s a much healthier option.

Have you tried using cryotherapy to treat your pain before?

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