5 Tips to Keep Your Back Pain Away

For many people back pain is simply a fact of life.? It is a sad fact that an estimated 31 million Americans suffer from back pain.? Severe back pain can have a deliberating effect on your life; it can result in an inability to work or even engage with your own children.? You may be surprised to know that back pain is listed as the second biggest cause of sick days in the UK!

How Back Pain Strikes

Your back is one of the most important parts of your body; it supports every part of you and enables you to move freely wherever you need to go.? However, your back is surprisingly vulnerable as well!

It is possible to injure yourself in an accident which results in a back injury; other common causes are:

  • Aging ? The older you get, the more likely it is you will experience back pain. IT generally starts in your 30?s or 40?s.
  • Lack of core strength ? Being unfit increases your chances of injuring yourself doing everyday tasks; because of the strain on your back.
  • Job related ? If you do a lot of movements at work which include twisting you are twice as likely to injure your spine!
  • Smoking and disease ? Both of these factors can lead to problems with your back.

The Good News!

Whilst back pain can be agonizing it is helpful to know that, in many cases, the effects are temporary.? Standard painkillers can help to deal with the initial issue, but, the most important lessons to learn are how to prevent your back pain from returning.

Discover the secrets of staying back pain free!

Your first reaction may be to panic, medical based equipment is often expensive.? However, this does not have to be the case.? Some of the ways to keep your back pain away are surprisingly low budget.

These are the five ways to keep your back pain away:

  1. Exercise

Sitting all day means that you need to stop what you are doing periodically and stretching.? In fact, a walk round the office every half an hour is said to be extremely beneficial.

However, exercise is more than just stretching.? Even if you currently have back pain you will find exercise is beneficial.? Even better, it can be done with no cost involved. Do not invest in expensive running gear!? You should start by taking a short brisk walk round the block.? You can gradually increase this until you reach thirty minutes of moderate exercise each day. Exercising will ease inflammation, strengthen your muscles and, in the process, will reduce back pain.

  1. Sitting Posture

If you have a job which involves stagnant work, there are three important things to do immediately!

The first is the sitting posture. Sitting incorrectly, or slouching can have an adverse effect on your back resulting in stress in spinal ligaments and discs. It is very essential to maintain a straight posture while sitting to avoid aggravation to the spine. The second key factor is the chair you use.

One should always prefer a chair which has an ergonomic design that caters to one?s needs, be it adjusting height, comfortable cushioning or a back support that can help in maintain the sitting posture. Laura Ashley has the perfect models that can work the best in workstations or any office setup. Also, you can get great deals using Laura Ashley discount codes which can make a substantial difference to the price you pay.

Your third option is to look at a standing desk, or even one that can be moved between sitting and standing.? This will help to strengthen your spins, improve your posture and prevent your back pain from returning.? Again, Laura Ashley discount codes can help you to find the right item for your office!

  1. Lifting

You will need to lift many different objects throughout the day.? Whilst most of them are probably not heavy there is a proper way to lift; this technique should be applied to everything you lift.? Never bend your waist to lift an object up; you should always bend your knees; this uses your leg muscles to lift and prevents straining your back.

It is also important to keep the object you are lifting close to your body and not to twist whilst you lift.

  1. Sleeping

A surprising number of back pain injuries are caused by the way you sleep.? If you are suffering from back pain which doesn?t seem to want to disappear then you should speak to a medical professional.? They will be able to advise you on your current sleeping position and whether you should adjust it.

It is not easy to change sleeping position!? It will have become a habit, but sleeping with your knees pulled up or pillows under your lower back and knees can make a dramatic difference.? Once the pain has gone you will need to continue sleeping this way to prevent it from returning.

It is also worth looking at whether you have the best mattress for your needs!

  1. Diet

Finally, you may need to consider your current diet.? If you are already overweight then you are placing additional strain on your back and general bone structure. Even if you are the right weight for your height and age it is worth evaluating your diet.? You should have a balanced intake of protein, carbs and healthy fat.

Correcting your diet will ensure you are the right weight and your body is getting all the nutrients it needs to be strong and healthy.


Preventing back pain is surprisingly easy; it will require you to make a few lifestyle changes, but these are generally good for your overall health; as well as your back pain.? All the above mentioned factors greatly have ill-effects on your health and lifestyle and when dealt with timely can help to ease your discomfort.


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