5 Things Your Wrinkles Say About Your Health Status

Wrinkles are seen as a simple and pretty much irreversible beauty problem. We all have a number of wrinkles, called expression wrinkles. And some people have wrinkles in a specific pattern, saying they laugh a lot or they spent their life in the sun. There are many aesthetic procedures which can reduce the number of wrinkles on your skin, making you look younger, but apart from the beauty side of these creases, there is more to know. Wrinkles can also have a deeper meaning, as they can tell the story of your health status.

Bone diseases

When you walk into their office, your dermatologist can tell if you have bone disease just by looking at your skin, says Dr Natalya Fazylova, holistic health practitioner. Researchers found that women in their 40s and 50s, at menopause, who were not following hormone therapy and had deep wrinkles also had a low bone density. In other words, the more and deeper wrinkles you have, the more prone you are to bone disease. This is something that makes a lot of sense, because bones and skin need collagen to stay strong and healthy. As we age, the level of collagen gradually decreases in our body, leaving our skin full of wrinkles and our bones prone to fractures.

Heart disease

An interesting study conducted by researchers at Mount Sinai Medical Center from Los Angeles revealed that people who have a crease on the ear lobe are more prone to heart disease. The explanation for this strange link might be that wrinkles are caused by changes in the small blood vessels, which collapse at the early signs of heart disease, leading to the ear lobe crease.


Anxiety can lead to wrinkles, according to dermatologists, who found that patients who tend to worry a lot have more wrinkles than those who are more relaxed. The reason for this is that stress and anxiety promote the release of cortisol, one of the stress hormones. This damages the skin by altering the production of collagen, thus leading to more wrinkles.

Blood pressure changes

Women, who don’t have wrinkles on their upper part of the body, including the face and upper arms, tend to have low blood pressure. The same study found that people who come from families with a high longevity rate have lower wrinkles on their upper body. In other words, less wrinkles can mean a longer life.

Sugar cravings and wrinkles

If you crave sugar you might be heading towards a skin full of wrinkles. This is because sugar attaches to the proteins in the body and form a substance which breaks down collagen and elastin. As these two are the ingredients which promote healthy skin, you will gradually notice more and more wrinkles on your face. To avoid this side-effect try to switch your sweets with fruits, which are healthier and contain a component which counteracts the effect of sugar on your body, preserving your skin wrinkle-free.

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