5 Alternative Therapies That Are Helping Sufferers of Mesothelioma

For sufferers of mesothelioma, Paul Kraus is a symbol of hope. He?s survived mesothelioma for the longest period, after receiving his diagnosis in 1997. Crucially, he hasn?t just survived he has thrived and continues to enjoy a high quality of life today.

The problem is that many patients aren?t aware of the safer, alternative therapies available for people who?re finding it difficult to deal with mesothelioma.

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1 Acupuncture Therapy

The side effects of cancer treatment are painful and often cause people to opt out of further treatment entirely. Anyone undergoing chemotherapy will admit to this.

Acupuncture therapy has been found to significantly diminish the side effects of the most common cancer treatments. This will help to reduce pain and make it less likely that patients will opt out of further treatment.

2. Meditation Therapy

?The role of meditation has been studied in relation to the psychological damage resulting from cancer and cancer treatment.

Meditation psychologically supports the patient and actively fights against feelings of anxiety and depression. A positive mental state can manifest itself in the form of positive physical effects on the body.

It also increases the motivation of the patient to continue treatment long into the future.

3. Vitamin C Therapy

Vitamin C therapy is a type of therapy that Paul Kraus focused on in his attempts at treating mesothelioma. Studies into vitamin C therapy have demonstrated that it has a damaging effect on cancerous cells.

Through making changes to the DNA of cancer cells, vitamin C can induce cell death, rather than the continuous replication of cells, which is the basis of what cancer is.

When fused with other anti-cancer medications, the power of vitamin C therapy is undeniable.

4. Improving Your Natural Environment

Air quality is a major factor in whether a person is likely to get cancer and survive cancer. It should come as no surprise that those in urban areas are breathing in a poorer quality of air.

Not all mesothelioma sufferers can do much about this, but within the home air quality can be improved. Many plants naturally remove certain toxins from the air.

Examples of plants that you could install in your home include the spider plant and the peace lily.

5. Exercise

?Kraus recognized the importance of regular exercise early. It?s not just a way of preventing cancer it?s a method of fighting cancer.

Low-impact exercise, such as yoga, helps to improve blood flow. It also enhances the patient?s mental state so they?re less likely to feel anxious or become depressed.

Regular exercise also helps to keep the body?s defenses strong. With a disease like mesothelioma, the body is constantly under attack, so it needs all the help it can get.

Last Word ? The Importance of Alternative Therapy

?Alternative therapy is not just an idea based on vague evidence. These alternative therapies are backed by solid scientific evidence that has been refined over many years.

Together with more conventional cancer treatments, they?re brightening the futures of patients all over the world.

Have you heard of any other successful alternative therapies?

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