4 Useful Gadgets That Can Help You Sleep Better

Sleeping disorder is a serious health issue. In fact, research has shown that each night, millions of Americans are not getting good sleep. Insomnia can become severe, if not treated early. According to recent studies, more than 30 to 35% people suffer from insomnia; out of this, more than 10% people have severe insomnia.

Many methods are adopted by patients and doctors to decrease the affect of insomnia. One such popular method is by using sleeping gadgets. There are many companies out there that are launching different kinds of sleeping gadgets every year. Some of these gadgets are really helpful in getting you a good night?s sleep whereas some gadgets do not make much impact. Below are some top gadgets you can try for getting good quality sleep.

Common Symptoms of Chronic Insomnia

According to the research conducted by sleeping academy, more than 10% of the people in US are suffering from chronic insomnia. The main symptoms of chronic insomnia are:

  • Fatigue
  • Poor memory
  • Not able to concentrate or focus on anything
  • Low energy or motivation
  • Day time sleepiness
  • Disturbance in mood
  • Frequent accidents or mistakes

Insomnia can affect almost all aspects of your life. That means, it can affect your work, studies, personal life and so on. As per the records, a person suffering from insomnia loses close to 8 working days in a year due to insomnia and insomnia related problems. Therefore, insomnia should be treated and cured if you wish to lead a normal and happy life.

For long, technology has been blamed for the poor quality of sleep or lack of sleep. There is no doubt that the prolonged use of electronic items can disturb your sleep and cause serious health hazards. But, the same technology, if used in the right way, can help you get proper sleep. Below are some gadgets that have hit the market in recent times and that will help you get sound sleep at night.

4 Useful Gadgets That Can Help You Sleep Better

  1. Smart Pajamas: The brain behind Smart Pajamas is Tom Brandy, a five time super bowl winner. Brandy worked with Kevin Haley of UnderArmour to develop this useful gadget that will help you fall asleep faster. The smart pajamas have hexagonal infrared patterns inside that help your body to relax fast and fall asleep. Many people, especially athletes, have started using the smart pajamas and have improved their sleep.
  2. 2Breathe: Another helpful gadget that helps you sleep well is 2Breathe. It is a smart device that you can strap around the waist when you lie in the bed. 2Breathe monitors your breath and produces soothing tones that will help you relax and fall asleep faster. The device automatically shuts down when it notices that your breathing rate has lowered and you have fallen fast asleep. It is one of the fastest selling sleeping gadgets that are used by thousands of users worldwide.
  3. Sleep Music: Soft music is good for getting sound sleep. Sleep Music is a music app that produces relaxing beats and neuro-acoustic sounds that helps your brain to calm down and makes you fall into sleeping mode. The sleep music app comes along with a Bluetooth headset and eye mask and can be easily worn while sleeping.
  4. Ear Plug by Hush: For many, outside noise will be the reason for not getting sleep. Hush ear plug not only helps in preventing outside noise from disturbing your sleep but also plays the role of a headset and produces soothing sound that will allow you to relax and sleep fast without any discomfort.


Technology and sleep are connected. If you are struggling with your sleep, the above technology driven gadgets can help you get a good night?s sleep without any disturbance. For more information on mattresses and sleeping tips, you should visit http://www.mattress-inquirer.com/best-and-worst-mattress-reviews/.

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