4 Supplements that We Can All Use to Improve Our Health

Contrary to popular belief, supplements are not meant only for losing weight and building muscles because the ones on this list will keep you on top of your health, irrespective of whether you work out or not; although, it is recommended that you do.


A combination of all the necessary vitamins in one pill; that?s pretty much what multivitamins are and everyone can benefit from taking these on a daily basis. In case you can?t decide on which one to use, consider the following points to make that decision a bit easier.

  • Check the description to see if the product has any kind of ?oxide? in it because if it does, you should avoid it.
  • The above advice goes for ?cyano-cobalamin B12? as well, so you should look for ?methyl-cobalamin B12? instead.
  • Look for ?d-alpha tocopherol? in the description for better absorption and avoid ?dl-alpha-tocopherol?.
  • Each pill should have at least 10mg of B vitamins


Taurine is a very important nutrient that?s primarily found in meat (certain types of fish are particularly rich in taurine), so this makes it a very important supplement for vegans and for those that would rather not have too much meat in their diet due to all the complications it can lead to. Even as just an added supplement, taurine can have immense positive impacts on our health, such as improving and preserving our vision, neurological health, liver condition, and various other benefits that you can read about in details on Recover Your Health Today. The site is also a great source for all things related to leading a better and healthy life.

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10, aka CoQ10, is often believed to be responsible for the prevention of a number of inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and heart disease, but according to some studies, the effectiveness of CoQ10 goes far beyond that. Although there is opposing points of view regarding this, there have been a few studies that support the claim that coenzyme Q10 can not only reduce the chances of someone developing cancer, it may even be used to treat it in the future. CoQ10 is also an immunity and energy booster.

Fish Oil

If you use a fish-oil supplement that?s rich in omega 3 fatty acids, there are multiple benefits to be had from those, as listed below.

  • Triglyceride reduction
  • Helps to control hypertension
  • Prevents rapid plaque buildup in the arteries
  • Lowers the chances of heart disease and strokes
  • Helps in keeping the skin young by preventing signs of aging from showing up

A few side-effects to using fish-oil supplements are not uncommon, so try them out for a few days first to see how it affects you.

There are, of course, other supplements such as calcium, folic acid, iron, boron, selenium, etc., that could also be used to supplement your daily diet, but unless you have a deficiency, you may not always need them. Do consult with your doctor before using any of the supplements mentioned here though, especially if you are already dealing with serious medical conditions.

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