4 Steps to Take When You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

injury from a car accident

There is a time when accidents happen and you will need to seek legal support along with medical support as a result. These times can be scary and lead to serious anxiety, injury, and even PTSD. You want to be prepared for when accidents happen and during times of an emergency, you want to be able to act appropriately and promptly.

When you have been in an accident that has caused personal injury, it can be difficult to remember the steps to take initially. During a car accident, you want to refrain from panicking, especially if you feel you are hurt. Once you are ready you should file a personal injury report to get the compensation you are owed for the troubles of your injury. Here are the steps you should take following a serious car accident.

1. Seek Medical Attention

The very first step you should take is to seek medical attention. You are injured but you don’t know to what extent. It is still advised that you visit a doctor to get examined, even if your injuries don’t show up right away. Getting immediate help with your injuries not only helps in terms of health but in terms of credibility when you file your claim. Waiting too long can lead to difficulties with your claim and proving that your injuries were real.

It is advised that you seek medical help immediately after the accident if not a couple of days later. If you experience your injuries soon after that it is advised that you seek medical attention again to solidify your injuries and your personal claim.

2. Capture The Scene

You should always take notes and photograph a vehicular accident. You want to have evidence of what went down. Try to capture the scene to the best of your ability and if you aren’t able to, you can appoint someone else to capture it for you. Take notes on the scene and discuss the details of what happened.

Notate the number of people involved, their contact information and vehicle information as well. You could even draw an illustration of the scene to may out how everything happened. Discuss your injury and the injuries of others involved. You want to keep all records and detailed notes for your claim.

You want to notate any other information associated with the scene and your injuries. If you go seek medical attention write down what exactly they say to you and their contact information as well. From chiropractors to physical therapists, you want your claim to be a solid one and filled with evidence and factual information.

3. Notify Other Parties Involved

From a dog bite to automobile accident-related lawsuits, there are multiple types of personal injury lawsuits that you can file. Once you have established your injury and notated the scene, you want to notify any others involved in your claim.

It’s important to let the person you are filing against know of your intentions. It isn’t right to smack someone with a lawsuit without warning of some kind. Even if you are suing a government department, you will need to notify them as well. You should take your time with this either. Notifying other parties should be done as soon as you know you want to file a lawsuit.

Your personal claim will get resolved quickly and you will have fewer delays if you act as soon as possible. Notifying them doesn’t make it a requirement for you to file, but it saves you from the other party claiming a lawsuit defending themselves because you waited too long to notify them. You want to have the freedom of negotiating terms and settlements yourself. You get that by letting the other party know you have plans to sue.

There is a time frame attached to notifying the other parties. You want to make sure to do it as soon as possible to secure your claim for compensation. There are specific time frames laid out for certain types of lawsuits. The statutes of limitations matters and you should pay attention to it. Research and find your specific location’s statutes of limitations.

4. Begin Filing Your Claim

You should begin filing your personal injury claim against whomever almost as soon as you realize you want to. If you need to file a claim against the government, you only have a certain amount of time to file that claim. It typically is a period between 30days to a year when you should sue. These time frame, though, varies on location, so check your local government to see what the actual time frame you have to avoid losing the right to compensation.

You want to get a personal injury lawyer that will help you along the process, especially if you have suffered from a traumatic head or body injury. Getting into an accident that resulted in an injury is going to cost more money than you think.  From medical bills to any time spent away from work, being involved in a car accident can be stressful and troublesome.

You want to file a lawsuit because of this and appointing a lawyer will help you ease some of the stressors. Attorneys are responsible for filing the appropriate paperwork, arranging witnesses, and defending your behalf. Your attorney will help you get the compensation you are owed.

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  1. I like the part that in order for chiropractors to proceed on their job they would conduct a brief interview on the victim. I have the feeling that these professionals will ask for photographs during the event of the accident from the cops as well. I appreciate the insightful content, thank you for sharing your educational musings here.

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