5 Steps to Better Sleep

Having trouble falling asleep? Don’t feel rested after a nights sleep? Check out these five tips for a restful bights sleep. 1. Stress Less Studies have shown that stress does impact sleep. When stress is Read More

How to Naturally Detox

As you transition your body into springtime, you may be considering a cleanse; after all, what better way to reboot your body after the wear and tear of the cold winter months? Justine SanFilippo, MS, Read More

Maintain Brain Health

Health experts are quick to remind us that, from the tips of the toes to the top of the head, everything inside the body is connected. However, while focusing on losing fat and building muscle Read More

The Future of Free-From Foods

Trend, Fad—or Permanent Habit? From trending topics like clean eating to an enhanced awareness of ingredient benefits (and detriments), it’s safe to say that free-from foods have enjoyed a surge in popularity in recent years. Read More

5 Facts for Heart Health

As the holiday season quickly shifts into the New Year, many of us are likely looking to drop a few pounds and increase our overall health—and a recent study further enhances the importance of these Read More

Food is Medicine (For Pets, Too!)

What kind of food do you feed your pet? Does the label have words like “animal digest” or “corn cellulose”? Is the first ingredient anything other than meat? Most pet food and treats these days Read More

Summer Health Success

Want to be healthier and feel fitter? Of course you do! Virender Sodhi, MD, ND, believes we can move much closer to a world of disease-free societies by following the laws of nature. As you Read More

Headache Health

Pain doesn’t happen randomly or because of bad luck; there’s a cause and effect to almost everything in the human body,” says Fred Abeles, DDS. “And for many, TMJ headaches aren’t going away because people Read More

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