The Power of Zinc Lozenges

While getting a cold may not be your main concern during summer, there’s still a risk. There’s good news—Zinc acetate lozenges may reduce the duration of the common cold by nearly 3 days, according to Read More

Gadgets and Gizmos

Take spring head on with a little help from our friends The weather is changing and the birds are chirping—at least they are in our wearable, trackable meditation headband—but there may already be a few Read More

Sip to Stifle the Sniffles

With the hustle and bustle of busy holiday schedules, getting the sniffles is all but certain. Don’t worry, rejoice! French Culinary Institute graduate and food blogger Rachel Dresken shared her potable secrets with us to Read More

Declare Immunity This Season

Getting sick isn’t fun. Unless, of course, you relish thoughts of recessing deeper into the couch, unable to muster the energy to eat, drink, sleep in a real bed, or replace the entire tissue box Read More

Vitamin C

Although vitamins are “vital” nutrients required for life that, in most cases, cannot be synthesized by the body, vitamin C stands out because, in addition to humans, there are few animals that actually lack this Read More

3 Mocktails for Better Health

As the seasons shift, embrace these anti-inflammatory “cocktails”—juices and shakes stocked with nutritious superfoods to help maintain your healthy lifestyle. “No matter the kind of diet you may lean toward—vegetarian, vegan, low-carb, no-carb, Mediterranean, Neanderthal, Read More

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