Do You Need a Mineral Boost?

These people do. See if you need help, too. It never fails. I pour myself something to drink and suddenly one of my children is “dying of thirst” and needs to take a swig. It’s Read More

Ask The Doctor: Type 2 Diabetes

My 42-year-old brother, Gregg, just found out he has type 2 diabetes, and I’d like to help him get healthy. What can he do to avoid taking prescription drugs? Your brother is among more than Read More

Have Better Sex

Seven natural ways to boost libido, heighten enjoyment, and improve the overall health of your sex life. You know sex is a vital part of life— it can relax you, release a flood of feel-good Read More

How Sleep Deprivation Harms Memory

Researchers from the Universities of Groningen (Netherlands) and Pennsylvania have discovered a piece in the puzzle of how sleep deprivation negatively affects memory. For the first time, a study in mice, published in the journal Read More

Blood Pressure Hormone Promotes Obesity

New research by University of Iowa scientists helps explain how a hormone system often targeted to treat cardiovascular disease can also lower metabolism and promote obesity. The renin-angiotensin system (RAS) controls blood pressure and is Read More

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